"By far the best first aid instructor ... very practical based and knowledgeable"

"Dave was great. It is so good to have a Coastguard guy teaching us first aid as he has knowledge of how we operate and the challenges we have on the boat etc… My mum attended and she said it was a real privilege to be able to sit in with us all yesterday. She is in awe of what we all do as volunteers. She was blown away with the knowledge/skills/experiences Dave has and shared… my mum comes from a medical background."

"I thought it was really great, one of the better instructors we have had. I liked the way he taught and there were stories which makes you remember. It wasn’t boring. I found myself totally engrossed throughout the whole course."

"Dave is conversant with every part of the body and highlights situations for every emergency trauma. His knowledge in the field is exceptional and offers solutions for events of trauma whether you are in the home, workplace, restaurant, attending a car accident, in the bush or in rough seas. Dave makes you think outside the box as to how you can preserve and prolong life until the ambulance arrives."

Feedback from Canterbury/North Canterbury volunteers
First Aid Revalidation course on Sunday 7 June 2020


He has a wealth of experience which was very evident.
He effectively used realistic examples to emphasise and bring to life (excuse the pun!) the lessons he was teaching.
He didn't stick to a boring, prescribed 'script' or bluff us with zillions of PowerPoint slides, but kept us engaged and interested by use of his personality.
After a career of 35 years in the British Army as a commando and infantry officer, I still learnt loads and was reminded of a great deal - thank you.

Dave was great. He talked in ways that meant something to us a boaties.  His sense of humour passed the day away with ease as when you’ve done the course multiple times it’s great to listen and work with someone who understands the marine environment.

Feedback from Kaikoura volunteers
First Aid Revalidation and Comprehensive course 20/21 June 2020



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