Psychological & Well being first aid

The mind, related to the mental and emotional state of an individual & Team

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Point of Difference

Tailor-made individual first aid courses delivered onsite to ensure authentic, relevant training delivered within the guidelines and algorithms set by New Zealand Resuscitation Council (NZRC).

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Building, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and manufacturing industries Taylor made custom and...

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Recreational Sector

Individuals and team. You may be involved in activities on the land or sea, in groups, part of a...

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Medical Sector

First aid for your work environment, team building and self confidence.

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First aid for all the family to address the first aid needs of your family members and to give you...

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Education Sector

Educational environment to address the first aid needs of individuals or groups.

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Hospitality Sector

Appropriate first aid, for your work environment, how to deal with potential first aid needs of...

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Community Projects

There is a legal requirement for work places to take all practical steps to provide first aid...

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Transport Sector

A simple routine refuelling or quick drive, ride around the block can go wrong. Education in rapid...

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First Aid Equipment

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